There are a lot of great WordPress themes floating around the internet. But most of these are designed for text blogs. After many years of trying to make text-oriented layouts work for video, we started banding together to create themes that are designed specifically for video.



the Double Feature Dark Polished WordPress theme       

Double Feature Dark Polished

Created by Adam Warner with Cheryl Colan
Demo 1 (mixed video sizes) | Demo 2 (320px-wide video) | More information and a place to Download

Double Feature Dark Polished features:

  • Display two posts, from two different categories on the top of the main page, side by side
  • All other posts are displayed underneath
  • Comes with great instructions in the included “readme.txt” file, and well-commented CSS file
  • Supports many Show in a Box plugins
  • Includes Photoshop files so you can customize the graphics that much quicker
  • Support available at the WordPressModder Forums
The Spacey WordPress theme    


Created by Michael Verdi
Demo | More information | Download Version 1.3

Spacey features:

  • Designed to accommodate 640px-wide videos
  • Well-commented CSS stylesheet to make customization easier
  • Theme Options Page in WordPress admin panel that lets you:
    • Choose 1-, 2-, or 3-column layout
    • Upload custom header images
    • Activate your own secondary stylesheet using Style menu
  • Show in a Box plugin support:
  • Works with WordPress 2.5
  • Built on K2
  • The latest version of what used to be called “Show in a Box Themes” and before that was called “Vlogsplosion.”



 (P.S. We have several amazing themes in our heads. If you are a themer, join us. If you are impatient, hire one of us. And come back to this page later to see how successful we’ve been in finding time to get the themes out of our heads and into code you can download. Hopefully, you will find some real goodies here.)


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