These are our favorite WordPress plugins that help us make sites featuring video. Try them out! There are also many other great WordPress plug-ins out there. Find them by exploring the official WordPress Plug-in directory.




vPIP in action


Developed by Enric Teller.

vPIP (videos Playing In Place) is the only player in the world that dynamically embeds a video into your web page after the viewers click their preferred video format link. The link can be a text or image link. For example, click on the image or text links above to see vPIP in action.

This results in a web page that loads quickly with only image and text links. When the viewer clicks one of the links pointing to a video, it’s replaced with the embedded video. Clicking on another vPIP link closes the prior embedded video and opens the new one clicked.

vPIP feeds widget

The vPIP feeds widget allows you to generate unique feeds for each video format you want to distribute. Automatically, you’ll have unique feeds available based on the type of videos you publish (Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media, Ogg, etc.) You can also setup advanced criteria for feeds.

More information & Download

vPIP Tutorial

Watch Ryanne Hodson’s awesome vPIP video tutorial to learn how to install, configure and use vPIP.

vPIP Customization

The vPIP Customization Kit is a zipped file containing:

  • Sample CSS for restyling vPIP (including embed code)
  • 12x12px Share Icon (you can get others from the Share Icon Project)
  • Replacement graphics for the vPIP “Close” button



VideoPress Video Archive

Originally developed by Charles Iliya Krempeaux.

Video Archive automatically generates an archive for all the videos you have posted to your site through vPIP. Instead of listing only text excerpts, like regular WordPress archive pages, Video Archive displays the video thumbnail, title, and text excerpt for each video post. Video Archive also lets you choose how many videos to list per page, and makes additional pages as needed. (Video Archives requires vPIP)

Download Version 0.1.5 | More Information




VideoPress Related Videos

Originally developed by Charles Iliya Krempeaux. Further tinkered with by Steve Elbows.

Help your audience find and watch videos related to the video they are currently watching. Each time you post a new video, via vPIP, you can point to older “related” videos on your website or on other websites — and you decide what related means. The Related Video plugin then makes a dynamic list of thumbnail images for your site sidebar (or elsewhere if you code it into your theme). (Related Videos requires vPIP)

Download Version 0.1.15 | More Information




VideoPress Recent Videos

Originally developed by Charles Iliya Krempeaux.

Display a visual list of video thumbnails that link to the most recent videos — in your sidebar or anywhere you choose. (Recent Videos requires vPIP)

Download Version 0.1.2 | More Information




Pledge Drive

Developed by Markus Sandy and Jacob Redding. Originally created by Devlon Duthie.

Pledge Drive allows you to collect recurring monthly donations via PayPal. Set a goal, customize the plug-in design, get your audience to set up automatic monthly donations, fund your show!     

Pledge Drive is not available for download yet; it’s still under development. If you are interested in being an early adopter, join the Show in a Box email list, and ask to help test it out.

Also check out Markus’ Pledge Drive Testing Blog where he has a lot of information about setting up Paypal and WordPress.




Video Comments

Developed by David Meade. Drupal Version by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen.

How Video Comments looks

Allow visitors to your site to leave their own videos as a comment on a post. This plugin adds extra fields to the comment section, so commentors can easily and obviously add links to their own videos hosted anywhere.

Download Version 1.3 | More Information | Demo

Also available for Drupal: More Information
(Drupal is another open source content management system that you could use instead of WordPress.)

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