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What do you want to upgrade?

Are you looking to upgrade your existing WordPress-powered site to Show in a Box? We’re working on a tutorial for you! In the meantime, start by upgrading WordPress to the latest version. There are great instructions on the WordPress Codex. When you finish with that, come back here and grab the latest versions of our plugins, linked below, and check our Themes page for a video-centric WordPress theme to get you started.

If you installed Show in a Box from scratch and just want to upgrade to the latest of everything, there is no all-in-one magical upgrade button. That’s because Show in a Box is a collection of many tools. But here are links to where you get the definitive, latest, greatest version of all the components:

You can use any WordPress theme you like with Show in a Box. If you’re using one we didn’t design, you’ll need to check for upgrades wherever you got it. But if you used one of ours, you can look for upgrades on our Themes page.