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Here’s a running list of upcoming (or past) presentations where you can meet the people who’ve contributed to Show in a Box in person! We love the internet, but there’s nothing like a face-to-face meet and greet. Come learn more about Show in a Box at the following places, and be sure to say hi!

New Media Institute

In November 2007, the National Black Programming Consortium and WGBH of Boston brought 25 producers together in Jackson Mississippi for an intensive week of production and learning. The New Media Institute was designed to introduce filmmakers-of-color to the new world of blogging, podcasting, gps pods, and museum programming during an intensive week of classes, production, and fellowship.

Along with the producers there were speakers from all over the world that came to share their experience. Milt Lee of Hollow Bone Films, a native producer from South Dakota gave the keynote address at the kickoff banquet, in which he spoke about Show in a Box and extolled the producers to “take their power back!”