We are a volunteer army of videobloggers who want to make our videoblogs look really good and are seeking sustainability. Everything here is open source and ready to be tweaked. WordPress (WP) is a fantastic, free and open source, blogging tool that we’ve hacked to make more suited for video.

Showinabox.tv is not a service or business- We want to help bloggers, filmmakers, video artists, and documentarians present their videos in the best light with the most control. You make great videos, so why not have an awesome website without having to pay someone a lot of money or know how to code yourself? We aim for a decentralized network of videoblogs where you can still host your videos anywhere (like Blip.tv, Vimeo or Dailymotion ) but your site and its information remain your own.

Show in a Box was made by a community of people who care about online video, and who have some skills around 1) thinking, 2) coding, or 3) designing.

We aren’t selling anything. We aren’t handing out stock options. We’ll never “go public”. We are simply volunteering some time to make kick-ass tools. Then, we share these tools with each other — and with you — for free.

Of course, there’s lots to do. We have lots of ideas. You have lots of ideas. So we would love to have you jump-in and help out. No one here has been “picked” or “hired.” We all just jumped in. The only person to decide whether or not you will be working on Show in a Box is you!

Tasks available:

  • Hacking / Creating WordPress Plug-ins (PHP skills)
  • Making Video-centric Themes (Graphic Design + CSS and/or PHP skills)
  • Creating Tutorials (writing or screencasting)
  • Test Driving things (try things out & tell us how they work, or not)
  • Translating for “Normal-People” (remind us what it’s like for non-geeks to use this stuff and help us make sure the website makes sense to everyone)
  • Sketching out how you want your dream vlog to work (we can only build what we can imagine)

Join our mailing list to meet everyone and join the conversation. Check out our wiki on the state of our progress.

Jen Simmons Hacking for SIAB

Photos by Jen Simmons

We encourage you to check out what we have, and jump into our conversation about what we want as visual creators.

Showinabox.tv is not a service or business. We are a community of video creators who are seeking sustainability. All these people worked on Show in a Box for free to make it easier for all of us to create great-looking video show web sites. Want your name here? Get involved. Want to contact any of us? Click the links below and find contact info on each of our websites.

Cheryl Colan
is a videoblogger, web designer and Digital Multimedia Adjunct Faculty. She founded Node101 Phoenix to create a home-grown local vlogger community. Cheryl contributes Show in a Box themes, screencasts, tutorials, and how-to advice.

Jay Dedman
produces video projects and is kind of nuts.

Devlon Duthie
created the early versions of the Pledge-Drive wordpress plugin. Used to be a videoblogger, co-founder of Mefeedia.com and a few other slightly useful videoblogging-centric sites. Devlon is a photographer/artist/web developer freelancing in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Ryanne Hodson
is co-author of The Secrets of Videoblogging and co-creator of Freevlog.org, free tools to help teach and spread videoblogging. She videoblogs at RyanIsHungry and RyanEdit.

Rudy Jahchan
is a walking media production house – writing, directing, and coding the popular internet shows GALACTICAST, A Comicbook Orange, and Kitkast.

Charles Iliya Krempeaux
B.Sc. is a professional Software Engineer from BC, Canada and founder of Lost Soldier. He has a background in Computer Science and Mathematics. And enjoys weight lifting, driving, and spending time with friends and family. He created the VideoPress plugins that are so important to Show-in-a-box.

Milt Lee
is a filmmaker from South Dakota, who’s been producing documentaries for the past 35 years, mostly in Indian Country. Milt and his wife, Jamie Lee, have many kites flying in the same sky.

Jacob Redding
(here here here) is an OSS (Open Source Software) fanatic that has dedicated his life to spreading OSS far and wide as well as helping to support community minded projects both on the internet and in real life. Jacob currently resides in China where he is working to spread OSS’s reach.

Markus Sandy
Programmer, Teacher and Videoblogger, Digital Urban Planning and Renewal, Drupal, and WordPress Developer.

Jen Simmons
makes websites. She made this one, in fact, as well as many of the Show in a Box themes. She’d love to design and develop a site for you. When she’s not running her “day”-job-business, Jen’s a filmmaker and theater artist.

Enric Teller
Shortly after graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Film Studies, Enric Teller began developing software in 1985. Since then he’s been involved in independent films and software developing up to the the dotcom period end. Then he looked to combine his interest in Cinema and Software, which developed from 2005 into making independent net videos and writing software to enable net video. The first product is an open source video presentation system, vPIP (videos Playing In Place).

Michael Verdi
is a well-known videoblogging innovator who sometimes shakes things up.

Adam W. Warner
is a web development engineer and WordPress evangelist. His involvement with SIAB includes theme development and tutorial creation. He can also be found providing WordPress tips and tricks at WordPress Modder or sharing random thoughts on a variety of subjects at One Eyed View. If you’re in need of personalized web development help, Adam is also available for hire at Internet Attendance.

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