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If you want to make the move from Blogger to your own self-hosted WordPress video blog, Ryan Ferone has some great advice about how to redirect your Blogger audience to your new WordPress site. You don’t want to delete the Blogger site, because search engines have already indexed that content, and users may have created bookmarks as well. Instead you want to set up a redirect so that any of your users going to Blogger will automatically be sent to your new site.

Ryan’s tutorial begins with steps to import a Blogger blog into WordPress, but bear in mind it was written over a year ago. For the latest on how to import a Blogger videoblog into a WordPress videoblog, check out Heath Parks’ post on Moving from Blogger to WordPress. After that, Ryan’s redirect tutorial essentially involves two steps:

  1. Edit your Blogger template with code (provided in the tutorial) that includes redirects.
  2. Create a PHP file (provided) and add it to your WordPress installation. This file would need to be maintained whenever you upgrade WordPress, but helps redirects from a Blogger post go to the corresponding WordPress post instead of just to your home page.

This tutorial is available at

One thought on “Redirect Users from Blogger to WordPress

  1. Ryan’s tutorial is bad for 2 reasons: 1) You can’t copy and paste his code with out fixing a lot of the curly quote marks, as those will be interpreted as errors by Blogger, etc. 2) The code is way outdated, and doesn’t account for things like SEO, timestamps, and forwarding individual posts successfully.

    I’ve written up a tutorial that does what I think is the best job of forwarding your blog, and this is based upon reading a lot of instructions, failing a lot, and finally figuring out a solid solution.

    Successfully Forwarding Blogger to WordPress

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