Lo-Fi St. Louis

The focus of Lo-Fi St. Louis is not just music but art and culture and other forms of weird or unusual entertainment and the people that make St. Louis an interesting place to live. I’m of the opinion that every place has an interesting story and unique culture and it’s up to us to make these things that are unique and valuable known and available to the rest of the world to enjoy. I’ve gotten some great feedback on this project and it’s encouraged me to develop it further. So I guess I must be doing something right.

My name is Bill Streeter and I am (in no particular order) a graphic designer, A/V geek, husband, dad, artist, thinker, human being and some other things that I can’t think of right now. I’ve lived in St. Louis since early 2001. Prior to that I lived in Chicago for 11 years. I grew up in north central Illinois until I joined the Air Force in the ’80s. While in the Air Force I studied art and art history by extension courses offered through the Community College of the Air Force. After the Air Force I studied film at Columbia College, Chicago. I also blog at BillStreeter.net

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