2 thoughts on “Double Feature Theme Debuts!

  1. Love the theme and structure. It works well. I particularly like having the featured video up there way above the fold.

    As an aside, it may be worth checking out WPElements.com – there’s some great work there involving video galleries and pop-up displays. (Not picture in place I know, but worth a look.)

    Also worth looking at MimboPro (paid for) as they are using a thumbnailer – TimThumb I think – that’s got to help with workflow. Brian Gardner’s Revolution series also has a thumbnailer in Vive La Revolution. I’ll dig out the links and post on the Wiki if anyone’s interested.

  2. I’m interested, Steven. WordPress itself generates a thumbnail image when you upload a larger image. But it does such a horrible job that I prefer to make my own. If one of the other thumbnailers can do better it would shave a little time and effort from the posting workflow.

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