5 thoughts on “Verdi’s Flash & H.264 Proof of Concept

  1. This does not work with the flash player that Enric built, the one that currently comes up by default when you install vPIP. You’ve got to set vPIP up to work with another player. I believe Ryanne explains how to do that in the vPIP tutorial.

  2. I think Verdi explains which flash player he’s using in his video, Jen.

    Are you saying Enric’s video won’t play back H.264 QuickTime files? Or just pointing out that it does not have all the same features as the player Verdi uses?

  3. I installed and re-installed several time the vPIP plugin to see H.264 video through the vPIP flash player and it’s not working even with the most recent Flash Player plugin. Did I miss something in M. Verdi’s tutorial?
    By the way, I’m very impress by what you are doing at SIAB.
    Best Regards
    Yves Lawrence

  4. Yves, Jen states in comment 1 that you need to set up vPIP to use a different Flash player. If you need help to do that please post your question to our Discussion Forums so those who have done this can help you out.

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