How to Install and Use vPIP

vPIP is a pretty powerful plugin developed by Enric Teller, videoblogger and coder extraordinaire. You can download the latest version here on Show in a Box or at In this tutorial, you will learn how to install, configure and use vPIP. This tutorial assumes that you have dowloaded and installed WordPress on your server. Haven’t done that yet? Check out the How to Install and Setup WordPress tutorial. Good Luck!

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17 thoughts on “How to Install and Use vPIP

  1. I’m not to sure on what to do, I downloaded vPIP and FileZilla. Now what do I do? I’m not to sure of ow to put the two together and use’em. I do have windows vista. Please advise with show me video or email.

    Thank you.

  2. Ok so my question is as follows – is there a way to get my blogtv shows (in their native flash format) into VPIP format. I want them to be bigger – not load right away – and play in the overlay mode that we all love to love.

    This is the blogtv embed code for instance…

    I tried pluggin in the src= code into the VPIP generator but that didn’t workout too well.

    Any help here? Note: I am not a code jockey. I am bad at it. I was just guessing earlier – and made some cool things happen – but nothing useful. Anyway…thanks all. Cheers,
    Scott Stead

  3. scott
    vpip is meant to play all different formats in one place.
    so if you want to offer multiple formats of one of your videos, vPIP is the bomb.

    blogtv is only flash
    and it’s not a straight flash video
    it has lots of other components than just an .flv which is what vPIP is asking for.

    so you’re probably better off just embeding that code into the text part of your blog post.
    doesn’t blogtv play right in on your blog?


  4. hey SaiF-

    youtube does not allow access to the flv file
    which is what you need to plug into vpip
    but if you’re uploading your stuff to youtube
    you can’t really offer other formats, it’s just flash.
    and you can just grab their embed code. it’s pretty easy.

    vPIP is if you want to give the viewer a choice of formats.


  5. Ahh.. I see.. I thought VPIP was supposed to make the pages load faster.. Thanks again! And I love what you’re doing here at showinabox! Thanks! =)


  6. Hi Ryanne,

    Love the site.
    Love the tutorial.
    You did a great job.

    Can you tell me what software you used to create the video? Was
    it Camtasia? I particularly like how you highlighted sections of the web pages
    and smoothly “slid” from one page to the next.


  7. Hi there, just getting a new vlog up and running. Having some issues with getting Videopress Recent Videos (VRV) to work. I’m using K2. Whenever I upload it to my WordPress plugins directory, it breaks the site (without even being activated) and I get the following error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_sidebar_widget() in /nfsn/content/garagenight/public/wp-content/plugins/videopress-recent-videos/videopress-recent-videos.php on line 302

    I thought I found a problem in the PHP file but changing it just threw up other errors instead.

    Any clue? And yes, I have vPip installed. Help, I’m desperate to use the Recent Videos plugin, it’s one of the main reasons i went with Showinabox/K2.

  8. I appreciate that creating different sized thumbnails and preview images improves the quality of what we see on our pages, but it does add to the workload.

    So I’ve been trying to make the Anarchy Media Player fit into the SIAB themes. It loads a frame from early in the video as a preview and adds a play button over the top. (Something folks have been discussing on the Google Groups list.)

    If you want to explore this too, here’s the link:

    But maybe Darren Hoyt’s MimboPro theme has a different solution we might be able to use. He has just made open source a PHP script called TimThumb which resizes images automatically to create thumbnails for posts.

    Here’s the link:

    I don’t know whether this can be incorporated into SIAB at all, or whether it’s something we will have to use on a theme by theme, post by post basis.

    Tim Waddell’s Vive la Revolution (VLR) is a PHP thumbnailer, too. Initially this was just for Brian Gardner’s Revolution themes, but Tim now suggests VLR can work with any theme. You do have to pay $9 for VLR or $14 if you want support.

    Here’s the link:

    Hope this helps.

  9. Ryan – and everyone who contributes to this site – thank you so much! this tutorial was fantastic and has got me up and running (though there’s still a lot of work I need to do design wise before I can show anyone). I wanted to leave this comment because I am really, really new to this stuff. Really new. But with the tools that Show in a Box has provided, I am actually able to follow and understand and learn.

    I had all these ideas in my head about what I wanted to do with video, but I just didn’t know how to impliment them. Now I do, and I can’t thank you all enough. I wanted to contribute – donate some money or something – so I’ll be watching to see when that button goes up. :)

    Thanks again. I haven’t been this excited about something in a really long time.


  10. I tried Viva La Revolution plugin and TimThumb and found Viva much better to use as all the features are controlled from seperate manipulation files. The support from Tim at Mediatricks was well worth the small $$ charge too

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