How To Install And Setup WordPress

This is our first screencast for the Show In A Box project. It details setting up a mySQL database, installing WordPress, and doing it’s initial configuration. This doesn’t include adding any of the special Show In A Box stuff that we’ve built – it just gets you WordPress installed. The rest will come later.

Runtime- 16:20

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5 thoughts on “How To Install And Setup WordPress

  1. Hello Michael:
    Thanks for yet another great tutorial video.
    I am considering installing vPIP on my website, but most of the discussions I have seen about it relate to using it on a Blog like those created on Will vPIP serve as a container/player for videos on a website like mine created in Dreamweaver?

  2. Thanks for such a helpful tutorial! I ran through the whole thing tonight and now I’m up and running. One update – looks like there’s a newer version of wordpress now, so things get slightly different toward the end, ie: instead of getting the “it doesn’t look like you’ve installed wordpress yet” message, it just takes you right to step one, where you title the blog. Step two is “ok, you’re all done, click here.” The newest version of wordpress is also just a tiny bit different in the way it is laid out.

    I’m really excited to put this to use in my personal site. Thanks again!


  3. This tutorial is a great overview on how to install WordPress but it has one pivotal flaw. (This applies to version 2.5.1)

    Changing the blog URL should be performed BEFORE changing the permalinks, otherwise it can the result in 404 errors because the WordPress can’t find certain files.

    This can be rectified by simply updating the permalinks structure, but the tutorial doesn’t mention that.

  4. @Mister Phes – Thanks for your correction / clarification. This tutorial is a bit older now — based on WP 2.2 I believe, so yes, things are a bit different now. (Or maybe it was always like you said? I can’t remember.)

    WordPress has a great page that I *always* refer to on how to change the location of WP / the directory structure in the URL properly:

    And yup, then I change the permalinks after that.

  5. Wow, this tutorial was absolutely perfect. This is what I have been looking for – an easy way for a web designer to understand how to install this puppy. Thank you so much for your hard work on this project. You have no idea how grateful I am!!

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